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what I do for a living... [Apr. 29th, 2007|12:49 pm]
[mood |awake]

I've come to realize what i've thought all along. We kill ourselves everyday jumping through flaming hurtles just to have more and more lit befor us to jump through. We are the unappreciated and mistreated. We work for the malicious, maniacal, unforgiving, and sadistic. We fall on our own swords when we're told "Service over self". Just to watch others bask in the joy of not following suit while making jokes about it.
We are hated by all, liked by few and are ostracized by everyone everywhere we go. People shun from us for who we are and what we do. Tired and weary we still stand with dignity and integrity when called upon to face the forces of evil. We are sleep deprived and hungry most of the time. We work long shifts to keep the missions flying. We have sent bombs and bullets to kill terrorist as well as blood shipments to save a life. Far too many times with watery eyes we have helped a fallen American return home to their loved ones with Honor for burial either in a black bag or in a silver transfer case. We are found everywhere from the flight line pushing pallets to the convoy line with guns up moving supplies. We never see our loved ones, and are treated as strangers when we do. Our families support us through letters and packages. We cannot give answers to all their questions. Our letters and e-mails cannot give dteails of what is going on. We only talk about the weather and the food. "For you cannot go where I have been, You cannot see what i have see, You cannot be told of what I've done, and you will never understand why we do what we do...I'm a 2T2... IT'S CLASSIFIED" J. Padet-06

Friendship and trst are our most prized possessions. Our frends are spread out in every country in the world. Some we'll never see again once we part ways. Others have passed on and are only alive in pictures and in our hearts. We watch our children grow up in pictures. Our families grow up and older in our absences. Love is only a brief figment in our lives. Most leave us while we are gone. We only have a dream of finding love. And the ones that have hope to keep it alive until they can return home. Our wives bear the brunt of our time away with childrean and bills. And the teary phone calls to us in a far away land missing us and wanting us to come home. Our tears go unseen in the darkness or are dried away in the sand on our faces. This is what we do. We are the thankless warriors....We are 2T2's
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